How much will it cost


Standard Service Costs:

Free Consultation and business review

Phase 1 & 2 - £750/month per club– typically 6 months

Additional site visits charged at £225/day

Phase 3 – Based on client requirements and quoted nearer the end of phase 2


Group discounts may apply, depending on volume and lengthy of contract

Individual packages can be created depending on services and support Required


Contact details:

Ryan Charlesworth

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The Benefits to You:


·         The introduction of new, fresh innovative ideas from successful and forward-thinking business


·         10 years’ experience of hotel leisure clubs, spa and golf with its unique differences and challenges to many other fitness facilities.  As well as experience of large health clubs, fitness clubs both in per-sale and operational.

·         A solid understanding of how the hotel business is structured and what influences are at play and where revenue gains can be sourced

·         Opportunity to deliver long term growth not only in sales and profit but also skills and processes.

·         Value for money as the experience, skill and knowledge available would likely costs considerably more if employed for directly.

·         An external body able to conduct un-bias audits of the membership, standards and operations of each facility if required. 

·         An external body able to provide mystery shops of the facilities whilst also providing the route to the solutions to any challenges or weaknesses.

·         Support in other areas of the business including operations, business planning, training, management support, task force to help you further enhance your service provision and profitability

·         Proven track record and experience in sales with struggling clubs, new openings, task force, long standing facilities.

·         Change can be more easily implemented by an external body as employees don’t see it as a threat to their position within the business or organisation

  • ·         We will bring with us a fresh approach and work with managers and interested parties to achieve the required results



Membership Sales Training Packages:



For those clubs who feel they do not require a consultancy package but would benefit from further training and support of their membership function


We offer a 1-day course dedicated to improving your membership sales process and preparing your teams to deliver growth in prospect numbers as well as conversion through to sale.


The course covers:


-          The Sales Person and what makes a great one

-          The membership sales cycle

-          Your club and its Unique Selling Points

-          Your prospects and how to find them

-          The telephone calls – incoming and outgoing calls

-          Meet and Greet

-          The Qualification

-          The tour

-          The price presentation and close

-          Over-coming objections

-          Referrals

-          The follow-up

-          Expectations of a membership consultant and team

-          How to manage your prospects and member

-          Marketing ideas


The course is designed to maximise yield and marketing spend, drastically improve conversion rates and enable your membership sales team to deliver their budgets.  By empowering the team with the information and skills required to deliver an effective sales strategy and process the management will be confident in the team’s ability to deliver targets.



£125 per person (minimum 3)

£95 per person for 12 or more candidates




Consulting proposal

Areas of expertise.


As a change management company, we focus our efforts on the areas we believe will have the most impact on your bottom line.  Our focus for most organisations therefor are sales and membership sales.


We will support your club/s with:

Phase 1

·         Audits of your membership system, its demographics, review of categories and revenue opportunities

·         Audit of your membership sales processes

·         Mystery shop your teams to understand their current skill level

·         Conduct a detailed competitor and SWOT analysis and create a list of your facilities USP’s

·         Work with your Manager create a plan of action as well as sales and marketing plan. 


Phase 2

·         Help your manager hire new team members if required

·         Train your team from the basics through to detailed sales techniques specifically designed to drive sales

·         Introduce new sales processes to ensure an affective and robust sales system

·         Train your manager how to use his membership system and the new sales protocols to manage his team’s performance

·         Ensure the sales and marketing plan is followed and updated with new actions and activities

·         Provide the club with all the relevant support tools from scripts, paper work and reporting tools

·         Visit site every 2 weeks to meet with the manager, review performance and highlight key areas for improvement.  Focus is maintained on driving performance

·         Conference call with relevant managers every alternative week to ensure weekly contact is maintained and results are discussed. 

·         Mystery shop the membership sales calls 3 times a month and feedback the results to the Manager

·         Ensure your media channels are in place and being effectively managed


Phase 3

·         Work with senior managers to decide on whether to reduce contact levels to a supporting role or to tackle additional challenges within the business

·         Continue with the mystery shop process

·         Bi annual audits to review the processes and ensure continued success

·         Provide support for any questions or guidance that is required


Whilst the above example shows our sales support we are also able to provide expertise in change for the following.  All of which will have a direct or indirect impact on your profit. 


·         Operational standards and guidelines

·         Cost management and supplier management

·         Recruitment

·         Training

·         Business planning and budgets

·         Refurbishment, new build and pre-sale support

·         Retention and client journeys

·         Personal training business management


We can project manage specific focus areas or review and advise on the business.  After our initial reviews, we will be able then advise on the best course of action



Leisure, Gym, Fitness Club Monthly Support Services

We understand that whether you are Franchised club, a Hotel leisure Club or even an independent fitness club that getting regular monthly support for your club can have a massive impact on your success.  Ensuring your sales team are performing, your marketing is effective and your standards are being maintained is a vital element to any clubs success.  

Charlesworth consultants will support your club on a monthly basis and ensure the focus is maintained and the right levele of focus on each element of the club is in place.  Whilst we will not run your club for you we will work closely with the manager to ensure every element of the club is in place to deliver success

Charlesworth Consultants will provide your business with a structured monthly support package for your business.  As part of this, we will provide you with

- 2 Monthly Visits to review your business, including and operations, sales and marketing and business development reviews

- 2 Annual Full club Audits and business reviews

- Business Plan and Budget Support 

- Quarterly membership Mystery shop feedback

- Free Telephone Support


Payment Options:



Minimum 3 Months Contract

 6 Monthly:


(Save £500)



(save £1500)

 * Additional Charges may apply for Travel expenses.  Payments to be made prior to contracts commencing



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