Leisure, Gym, Fitness Club Monthly Support Services

We understand that whether you are Franchised club, a Hotel leisure Club or even an independent fitness club that getting regular monthly support for your club can have a massive impact on your success.  Ensuring your sales team are performing, your marketing is effective and your standards are being maintained is a vital element to any clubs success.  

Charlesworth consultants will support your club on a monthly basis and ensure the focus is maintained and the right levele of focus on each element of the club is in place.  Whilst we will not run your club for you we will work closely with the manager to ensure every element of the club is in place to deliver success

Charlesworth Consultants will provide your business with a structured monthly support package for your business.  As part of this, we will provide you with

- 2 Monthly Visits to review your business, including and operations, sales and marketing and business development reviews

- 2 Annual Full club Audits and business reviews

- Business Plan and Budget Support 

- Quarterly membership Mystery shop feedback

- Free Telephone Support


Payment Options:



Minimum 3 Months Contract

 6 Monthly:


(Save £500)



(save £1500)

 * Additional Charges may apply for Travel expenses.  Payments to be made prior to contracts commencing



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