We are the Fitness Business Success Specialists!

Whether you are looking to start your own health, leisure or fitness business, want to improve your clubs standards and or performance or simply need some advice with specific club issues, Charlesworth Consultants can help.

We work with 

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Independent and Franchised Hotel Leisure Clubs

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Consultancy options

Charlesworth Consultancy is a multi-faceted business with a range of solutions for your business.  We believe that we have the skills and experience to make a difference to your fitness and wellness business.

Our consultancy services are designed to be able to support your business how you feel most appropriate. 

We have a range of pricing structures available and our first meeting is always FREE.  We believe we need to establish that we can make a positive impact on your business before we make any agreement on costs.


Full Consultancy Service:

Working with you and your team we will conduct an in depth review, encompassing all aspects of the business to include operations, sales and marketing, staffing, business plans, sales plans and reporting.  

From the review a detailed success plan will be drawn up to provide a blue print by which to create positive solutions to your business. We will then work with you and your team to ensure the plan is delivered. train the team where required and be there to support with ongoing challenges 

Bespoke Consultancy Service:

We will review and advise on areas of the business that you identify as a challenge.  We will work closely with you to ensure that we find solutions to these challenges and set you up for future success

Ongoing Support Services:

We offer a service that allows you to use our team to provide ongoing support as and when you need it.  We will be available to provide guidance with issues, find solutions to challenges and ensure the business is always moving forward. We are able to source suppliers, create reports, offer training or simply act as a sounding board to help deliver new ideas.

As part of the service we offer we have a range of consultancy options to include any of the following:

  • Club Operations Review
  • Membership Sales & Marketing Review
  • Secondary spend options including personal training, swimming lessons and retail
  • Business Planning, budget and forecasts 
  • Club Performance Review and Reporting
  • Leisure Recruitment, interviewing and employee engagement
  • Club management cover to ensure leadership services are maintained during the recruitment process
  • Costs Management
  • Retention and the Member Journey
  • Supplier Reviews and Negotiations
  • Refurbishment, New Build and Project Support
  • Website, SEO & Social Media 
  • Award preparation
  • Staff Training

    Management support

Short/Fixed Term Club Management Cover

We are able to provide your club with a short or fixed term management cover whilst you look to recruit your new Manager.  We will either cover your club with one of our own team and thus providing an industry expert to manage your club whilst you find a replacement or we will work with our Recruitment partners to find a suitable candidate to suit your needs.

 We also work with a  wide network of industry experts and suppliers.  So if we can't help with your business challenge we will always help find someone that can