The Benefits to You:


·         The introduction of new, fresh innovative ideas from successful and forward-thinking business


·         10 years’ experience of hotel leisure clubs, spa and golf with its unique differences and challenges to many other fitness facilities.  As well as experience of large health clubs, fitness clubs both in per-sale and operational.

·         A solid understanding of how the hotel business is structured and what influences are at play and where revenue gains can be sourced

·         Opportunity to deliver long term growth not only in sales and profit but also skills and processes.

·         Value for money as the experience, skill and knowledge available would likely costs considerably more if employed for directly.

·         An external body able to conduct un-bias audits of the membership, standards and operations of each facility if required. 

·         An external body able to provide mystery shops of the facilities whilst also providing the route to the solutions to any challenges or weaknesses.

·         Support in other areas of the business including operations, business planning, training, management support, task force to help you further enhance your service provision and profitability

·         Proven track record and experience in sales with struggling clubs, new openings, task force, long standing facilities.

·         Change can be more easily implemented by an external body as employees don’t see it as a threat to their position within the business or organisation

  • ·         We will bring with us a fresh approach and work with managers and interested parties to achieve the required results