Consulting proposal

Areas of expertise.


As a change management company, we focus our efforts on the areas we believe will have the most impact on your bottom line.  Our focus for most organisations therefor are sales and membership sales.


We will support your club/s with:

Phase 1

·         Audits of your membership system, its demographics, review of categories and revenue opportunities

·         Audit of your membership sales processes

·         Mystery shop your teams to understand their current skill level

·         Conduct a detailed competitor and SWOT analysis and create a list of your facilities USP’s

·         Work with your Manager create a plan of action as well as sales and marketing plan. 


Phase 2

·         Help your manager hire new team members if required

·         Train your team from the basics through to detailed sales techniques specifically designed to drive sales

·         Introduce new sales processes to ensure an affective and robust sales system

·         Train your manager how to use his membership system and the new sales protocols to manage his team’s performance

·         Ensure the sales and marketing plan is followed and updated with new actions and activities

·         Provide the club with all the relevant support tools from scripts, paper work and reporting tools

·         Visit site every 2 weeks to meet with the manager, review performance and highlight key areas for improvement.  Focus is maintained on driving performance

·         Conference call with relevant managers every alternative week to ensure weekly contact is maintained and results are discussed. 

·         Mystery shop the membership sales calls 3 times a month and feedback the results to the Manager

·         Ensure your media channels are in place and being effectively managed


Phase 3

·         Work with senior managers to decide on whether to reduce contact levels to a supporting role or to tackle additional challenges within the business

·         Continue with the mystery shop process

·         Bi annual audits to review the processes and ensure continued success

·         Provide support for any questions or guidance that is required


Whilst the above example shows our sales support we are also able to provide expertise in change for the following.  All of which will have a direct or indirect impact on your profit. 


·         Operational standards and guidelines

·         Cost management and supplier management

·         Recruitment

·         Training

·         Business planning and budgets

·         Refurbishment, new build and pre-sale support

·         Retention and client journeys

·         Personal training business management


We can project manage specific focus areas or review and advise on the business.  After our initial reviews, we will be able then advise on the best course of action