Membership Sales Training Packages:



For those clubs who feel they do not require a consultancy package but would benefit from further training and support of their membership function


We offer a 1-day course dedicated to improving your membership sales process and preparing your teams to deliver growth in prospect numbers as well as conversion through to sale.


The course covers:


-          The Sales Person and what makes a great one

-          The membership sales cycle

-          Your club and its Unique Selling Points

-          Your prospects and how to find them

-          The telephone calls – incoming and outgoing calls

-          Meet and Greet

-          The Qualification

-          The tour

-          The price presentation and close

-          Over-coming objections

-          Referrals

-          The follow-up

-          Expectations of a membership consultant and team

-          How to manage your prospects and member

-          Marketing ideas


The course is designed to maximise yield and marketing spend, drastically improve conversion rates and enable your membership sales team to deliver their budgets.  By empowering the team with the information and skills required to deliver an effective sales strategy and process the management will be confident in the team’s ability to deliver targets.



£125 per person (minimum 3)

£95 per person for 12 or more candidates